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Krastova Gora (Cross Forest) - spiritual center of Bulgaria
Krastova Gora (Cross Forest)
At the moment Cross Forest is the most significant Christian sanctuary in Bulgaria. It is located on a 1416 m peak, and it shares the peak with the St. Trinity Monastery and a few chapels.
Some pieces of religious ceramic vessels have been discovered at the top, proving that the place was worshipped by the Thracians thousands of years ago. When you come to Cross Forest, you can feel your faith and energy rising. The number of people, who recovered from all kinds of physical and mental diseases by coming here, is countless. Thousands of people climb this remote peak every single day, to strengthen their faith or to find a cure for their pains.
The place was called Cross Forest, because a piece of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, was buried here. The piece was brought by monks from the Bachkovo Monastery, who had bought it from the Turks in Tsarigrad (Istanbul). The Turks, on their part, had plundered the piece of the cross after they conquered the Byzantine capital.
The St Trinity Monastery has been here since the 8th century, and although it has been destroyed by the Turks more than once, it has always been restored, and it will always be a main Bulgarian center of Christianity.
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